The Visual Learning Style

Articles in this section will explain what the visual learning style is (and is not) by providing some in-depth analysis on different aspects of the visual learning style. If you're wondering if you are a visual learner, outside of taking some tests to find out, this is a great way to get started down the path of understanding your personal learning style.

  • About Visual Learning Styles

    This category contains articles that will answer questions such as "what is the visual learning style" and "how do I know if I am a visual learner" among others. By providing several opinions and insights about the visual learning style, the articles contained here will allow you to walk away from this site with a very firm idea of what constitutes the visual learning style.

  • Visual Learning and Technology

    There are many challenges that are presented with multimedia tools and technology in the classroom, even though it is clear that these challenges have definite rewards. This category contains articles for teachers and students who are interested in how learning styles and technology are interwoven and provides insights and research about what works and does not work when technology and visual learning styles come together.